Stain Removal

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Stain Removal

Whether it’s oil, grease, mud, ink, blood, wine, coffee or a whole host of other unwanted spots we can in most cases remove them! Commercially available stain removal products are relatively weak and wide-spectrum solutions that don’t effectively remove many stains your carpets will accumulate over time. They may even ‘set’ stains that could have been easily removed by a professional.

What many stains require is a professional level stain removal product with the correct chemical profile to get the job done! Our Stain Removal service is performed as part of the Carpet Cleaning service but if you’ve only got a few stains you want removed without having the whole carpet cleaned then we can certainly accommodate your requirements and only charge you for stain removal.

Are stains becoming a frequent occurrence in your home? You should consider stain protection for your carpets. Not only will it help prevent stains becoming permanent – it can also reduce wear over time and even improve the efficiency of your regular vacuum cleaning! Call us on 0121 711 1296 for further information about our Scotchgard Stain Protection Service.

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What to do in the event of a spillage –

1. If there’s any dry residue, gently scrape it off with a blunt knife edge.

2. Blot (never rub, as friction heat from rubbing can set certain stains!) up as much excess moisture as possible with a clean, white towel or cloth.

3. If you do attempt to remove the stain with a commercially available stain remover, test only a very small patch on the outer edge of the stain. Try not to spray the whole area because if the product you are using is not suitable you may end up ‘setting’ the stain. If there’s no or limited improvement, please call us out so we can assess the stain and/or remove it.

It’s important to remember that in general, the sooner a stain is professionally treated the more likely it is to be removed. Some stains can cause permanent colour change in some carpet fibres (particularly natural fibres such as wool) so for this reason we can’t always guarantee full stain-removal.

We operate an Emergency Stain Removal service if you’ve spilled something that needs removing quickly!

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