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Landlords and lettings agencies will expect tenants to look after their carpets but even the most diligent of tenants will find that carpets naturally accrue hard-to-remove stains and dull patches, especially in high foot-traffic areas. Regular vacuuming will only achieve so much in terms of maintaining the carpets appearance. By far the most economical solution to this problem is to have your carpets professionally cleaned towards the end of your tenancy agreement prior to the dreaded inspection!

If you’ve come to the end of your tenancy agreement and are concerned about being fined over the condition of your carpets or the huge cost of having them replaced then don’t despair! Providing your carpets haven’t been permanently damaged (i.e burnt with an iron/cigarette or if there are stains of a permanent nature) we can usually get to you within 24-48 hours and renovate your carpets to a condition your landlord or lettings agency will accept.

Indeed, if you are a landlord yourself and are considering replacing your carpets then do first consider having them professionally cleaned by us. We only use the latest, most powerful equipment and chemicals and you may well be amazed at the results! Not only is this the least-hassle-option, it’s also good for the environment as it saves your carpets going into landfill. Carpet cleaning really is an effective form of recycling.


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