How To Prepare For Professional Carpet Cleaning

How To Prepare For Professional Carpet Cleaning

In this article we’ll be exploring the main things to take into consideration before having your carpets professionally cleaned. If you follow the advice given here you’ll have done your part in making the whole process a painless breeze!

The Booking

When booking in to have your carpets and/or upholstery cleaned, always check with your professional how long the process is likely to take (including drying times). If you have any other engagements or school runs to do, it’s advisable to let the company know. If you’re having any other work done on the same day you’ve planned for the clean (painting + decorating, electric, gas-fitting etc) this should also be mentioned to avoid (or plan for) any workspace encroachment there might be.

N.B If you’re currently having painting + decorating work done and are booking in for your carpet clean to follow immediately after, do make sure to check when exactly the painters will finish as they are notorious for running over-schedule! You may want to allow a few days leeway for unexpected delays. Also ensure that dust sheets are being used as paint is a very time-consuming spillage to remove and this may mean your carpet cleaning company would have to revise the quotation they’ve given you.

Preparing Your Home

A professional carpet cleaning company will usually discuss with you which items of furniture you would like them to move during the clean. You may only want a few items moved or you may require a wall-to-wall cleaning service but it’s best to establish this during the booking. Most companies will ask you, the homeowner, to move any delicate or breakable items before the cleaning work commences. If you require wardrobes and heavy sideboards to be moved they will need to be emptied beforehand. Not only to save your carpet cleaners back but for the simple reason that they aren’t designed to be moved when full and damage can result.

If you have any spare space (bathrooms, on top of beds that don’t require moving etc) it’s generally a good idea to use these as temporary storage areas for smaller items like coffee/side tables, lamps, laundry baskets/clothes racks). Your professional will more than likely be capable of moving the bigger items of furniture like sofas, beds, dining tables etc. If you can create as much free space as possible around these larger items, it’s so much easier for your cleaning company to move them.

Remember – The less time your professional spends on moving small items and general knick-knacks, the more time he or she can spend on efficiently cleaning your carpets for the best possible results.

Your carpet cleaning company may also need access to hot water so an empty sink in either a kitchen or utility room would usually be appreciated.


The vast majority of carpet cleaning companies will arrive in small/medium size vans. ‘Where can I park?’ is a question they will likely pose at the time of your booking. If you have a driveway it’s often a good idea to vacate a space shortly before your appointment to avoid last-minute vehicle shuffling in your pyjamas! Some companies use heavy portable machinery and will appreciate a space as close as possible to your house.

If you live on a busy street with no allocated parking it’s a good idea to mention this when booking in with a company that solely uses a ‘van-mounted’ machine. They may not be able to park close enough to your home to carry out the job. One solution to this problem is to ‘reserve’ a space with your own vehicle the night before if possible. If you live in a flat and have arranged for a van-mounted company to clean your carpets they will likely visit first to assess any access issues.

Safety First!

Whilst your carpet cleaning company is legally responsible for the health and safety of everyone in his/her working area, there are some important things for you to consider to minimise the risk of any accidents occurring.

During the clean itself, it’s always best practice to keep children or pets out of the rooms being cleaned. Heavy machinery, chemicals and solution hoses under high-pressure are most certainly not toys or chew-toys! Damp carpets are also a slip hazard. Especially if walked across onto hard-flooring. If you’re having a flight of stairs cleaned, it’s a good idea to bring down any items from upstairs you may need prior to the clean. Hoses trailing up stairs present a trip hazard to anyone climbing them.

If you have animals that are easily scared of loud noises it’s a good idea to take them to another part of the house. Or how about a walk? Your professional should advise you of all these potential risk factors at the beginning of the job.

If you’ve chosen a true professional to clean your carpets and upholstery they will try to make the process as safe and hassle-free as possible!  For more information or for any queries please visit our contact page.

In conclusion, preparing for a professional carpet cleaning is important to ensure a hassle-free process and optimal results. When booking, make sure to confirm the expected duration and advise of any other work being done on the same day. Preparation of your home should include moving delicate or breakable items, creating free space around larger furniture and ensuring access to hot water. The cleaning company may arrive in a small/medium-sized van and may need parking close to your house. Safety is important and it is best to keep children, pets and easily scared animals away from the rooms being cleaned and to bring down any items from upstairs to avoid tripping hazards. By following these steps, you can make the process of professional carpet cleaning safe and efficient.